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Electric City


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Introducing Electric-City sits proudly in bloova`s City Electric model range. Affordable and practical with no fuel costs.

  • COLOURS:Black, White

  • Design

    The modern design and technically advanced electric system is all you need. The futuristic tail and the removed exhaust, gives you a more comforting ride. All elements which, if looked at individually, exist in their own right but which, at the same time, represent an extremely well balanced moped.

    Perfect for work Electric-City moped is road legal, and is similar to a 50cc moped. You can just twist the throttle and off you go, without the excessive noise and smell of petrol to worry about. As our flagship City scooter, Electric-City represents the height of our modern design, engineering, electric technology and craftsmanship.

    Out with friends The Electric-City offers a complete city riding experience and has everything you would need in a moped. The Electric-City gives the rider a new experience delivering power via motor and being environmentally friendly As the world is changing our Electric City is designed with the city commuter in mind. The perfect companion for meeting friends, travelling to work or just popping out to the local store, The Electric-City is all you need. Easy to park and being electric.

    LESS MAINTENANCE With no moving engine parts, there is very little that can go wrong with your electric bike. Making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills, a thing of the past.

    Disclaimer: Please note that when purchasing your bloova vehicle it must be compliant to your countries Rules and regulations

  • Specifications
    Technical Data
    Motor 500 - 800w
    Battery 36V 18Amps - 48v 18Amps
    Display Digital/Power Bar
    Charge Time Approx. 6 Hours
    Brakes Fr: Disc/Rr: Drum Fr: Disc/Rr: Disc
    Distance Approx. 60Kmh - 80kmh
    Speed 40Kmh - Upgrade available
    Charging Compatibility Mains Plug/Bloova Home Style/Bloova All-In-One
      Nish Solanki - BBC RADIO ONE Producer 23/02/2015


      › All -In-One Cost saving solution for all types of industries

      › ROI advertising and electric charge billing

      › Fast car charging point, up to 20 bloova charging points

       x1 Charging point for other electric vehicles

      › Authorisation via Credit Card, ID card, Pre-pay card and

         mobile phone app

      › Save on company fuel costs

Clean Energy

Bloova products are designed with this in mind. The concept, vision and design is born out of the UK and we believe our products will appeal to both genders desiring sophisticated designer and technology.