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Portable Wireles Speaker


Its sleek design is simply exquisite, finished in brushed aluminium for a timeless look; this sophisticated designer speaker can integrate into your lifestyle at home and on the go.

  • SKU: Vwg, Vws
  • COLOURS: Gold, Silver

  • Description

    Perfect for travelling, around the house or entertaining friends

    . Its sleek design is simply exquisite, finished in brushed aluminium for a timeless look; this sophisticated designer speaker can integrate into your lifestyle at home and on the go..

    . The Aria is a multi-purpose speaker that can be used simply by connecting it to your smart device via Bluetooth. The Aria portable speaker has a call answer function and built-in microphone allowing you to answer calls.


    It also has track control and volume buttons which can be managed from the speaker or from your smart device.  The Aria is a great travel companion and with its powerful rechargeable battery it can be charged with any micro USB.

    Not only does our bloova Wireless speaker have a clear and crisp sound it also allows you to change music track, volume control and answer phone calls by a press of a button enabling you to continue whatever you’re doing relaxing by the pool side, the beach, resting at home or even at the office to take that important conference call.. Our Speaker is compact and an excellent travelling accessory with a 10 meter Bluetooth wireless radius. The sleek looking speaker not only looks good in your home but also the perfect piece in your office. Big Sound from a little speaker

  • Specifications
    Deacription Data
    Dimensions 180 X 67 x 53mm
    Material Brushed aluminumand Steel
    Connection Bluetooth (Range 10 Approx. Meters
    Sound 3D Sound- Double Diaphram - Enhanced Bass Processing - Built in Mic (Handsfree Calling)
    Power Rechargeable lithium battery 2200 MAH - Micro USB charging port
  • Ratings
      Nish Solanki - BBC RADIO ONE Producer 23/02/2015

      When using your mobile phone, you have probably come across this situation at least are in the middle of nowhere and your mobile phones battery dies on you. The dreaded flashing battery!!! Well I came across this situation, but I was lucky as I had my bloova pocket power pack.

      The bloova pocket power pack was my ideal answer to an outdoor wall Power socket, so I could power any of my devices. I can think of a number of reasons why I cannot be without the bloova pocket power pack, which is the perfect partner for any mobile device:

      Whilst travelling I tend to use my mobile device as a camera, video recorder, a mini computer to check schedules, a games machine, a satellite navigation system. Using the battery for all these functions can be a serious drain your battery power When you are addicted to playing a game on your mobile device, as let face it we all want to be the best at the game and beat the highest score, which couldmean playing for hours thus the game taking up a lot of battery power.

      Nowadays, we use our mobile devices as a music player to play music albums that lift our spirits & mood, but your battery can get drained listening to several albums, thus bringing your mood right down.

      One of the other reasons why I need the bloova pocket power pack is for keeping up to date & in touch with the rest of the world be it by email or socialmedia. The last reason and most moemorable time when maximum bloova pocket power pack is needed when you want to capture that special moment of yourself such as a selfie to then post on social media

      These are the reasons why I and you cannot live the bloova pocket power pack

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